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Personal Training Dear Beautiful, So it is 11:45 PM Sunday night, and I have been trying to narrow down what to talk about in this weeks Monday Motivation…I have many topics that I want to discuss over time, so it is hard to choose sometimes, so I guess I will just letter my fingers and my mind go and shoot straight from the heart. After last weeks email, I was blessed to hear from many of my past clients and the feedback seemed genuine. I am grateful to that my personal experience can inspire you. That is what life is about, right? let’s get to it… So, I was going through the Starbucks drive through, and there is a this girl who works there that I am always working on, trying to get her to come workout at the studio. I asked, “hey chica, when are you coming to a class” she replied… “I think I am going to start working out when I go on my vacation this Spring”. I was done. I had no words. That was the most INSANE response that I had ever heard to that general question… Most people are motivated to workout to get ready for a vacation, and don’t want to see a gym while on vacation. I really had no come-back. I just replied – OK, I will take extra hot steamed milk with that coffee! Any-who, I just I wanted share that story for a laugh, as we transition into our topic for the week: Excuses!….(CONTINUE BELOW)
    I am already thin:   Being lean is definitely associated with better health. But exercise has independent benefits that you can’t get simply by keeping your weight down. And even if you are in a healthy weight range, you may have an excess percentage of body fat, or what one researcher calls a “TOFI”: thin outside, fat inside. I call it skinny- fat lol
  I can’t afford it:   Hey not to advocate another company, but for what it’s wort, planet fitness is only $10. and for a more structured, guided, intense variety, www.detourfitness.com is only $79 for unlimited classes click here for our $20.16 Special.
  Pain:   Rather than taking to your bed, get moving. Regular activity is a great way to treat and prevent common back pain. Talk to a doctor or physical therapist about specific stretches or exercises. when my body is in pain it is normally associated with two things: Upper back pain normally happens when I am stressed, or have slept incorrectly, or stiff form not working out. Ans If I am experiencing Lower back pain, is acutely associated with my lack of doing a daily Plank. It just means my core is weak, a Few days of Planking normally takes care of that!
  My kids get in the way:     Work around your kids’ schedule as best you can; waking up before they do may not sound appealing, but many parents say it’s the only time they can be sure to get in an uninterrupted workout and some much-needed alone time. You can also sneak it in. Below is a link to my workout videos that you do in 5- 15 minutes…a little goes a long way! Also, if you have babies or toddlers, there are ways to work out with them!
  It’s Boring:   The best way to avoid being bored is to find an activity that doesn’t bore you. Don’t like to run? Don’t do it. Bike, box, row, dance, or do whatever floats your boat. And once you find something you enjoy, make changes now and then to keep your interest. Here are 7 ways to shake up your strength training routine.
  I need a partner:   Well, firstly you can bring a partner with you on www.detourfitness.com membership! also, learning how to workout with your friends and/or mate will help motivate. I will be doing some education on the subject soon!
  I am old:   No, you aren’t! Almost no one is too old or too frail to work out. Exercise can help stave off sarcopenia, or muscle loss, and prevent falls. Just make sure that you find a trainer or studio who is educated on your specific needs as an older client. make sure that impact is low, but challenging, and that modifications are available. We are huge on that later at www.detourfitness.com
  I am too busy:   This is by far the most common excuse. Yes, schedules are busy…but if something is a priority (the finale of American Idol, for example), you will make time for it. So make time for exercise. Try scheduling it into your PDA or datebook the same way you plan meetings or other commitments. If you don’t have time for working out, get old, ending up in a hospital, no energy or confidence surely has plenty of time for you! It’s just waiting!
  My Hair:   My black women….why why why? Yes, I had to bold this one. Are you serious? I have heard this over and over again, and it disgust me and cracks me up at the same time. I am just going to say this: I really think that your man would appreciate a body and confidence that is tight and right all the time, rather than some hair that he is going to mess up any way!!!!! can I get an AMEN!
  And on that note, I am done! I hear other excuses like traveling etc., but unless you are on your death bed, their is no excuse not to move around deliberately for 5 minutes…that is just lazy and/or no conviction. And that is ok. When you are ready, I am here :) Thanks for your time… Jacinda Haines For personal Training, call me, I am running a special…251.753.4565

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