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Hey Chica,
Happy MLK day and welcome to the third week in the Chisel Challenge! I want to talk to you about the best way to get fit with dancing :) And hence the title, there is amore effective route than Zumba!
First off all, I like Zumba. I don’t love it, but I like it. The reason that I like it is because It gets people moving, and it get’s obese and sedentary people on a fast track to losing weight, However, it is limiting.

Why Zumba is Limiting
Physiologically, it does it is  very limiting
I have always said that about the Zumba exercise for years. It is missing resistance and core training, which helps build lean muscle, strength which increase fat burn. You will ultimately plateau and you will never a develop a lean beach body from the workout.
It does not birth authentic trainers
A large amount of Zumba clients become instructors.  And many (not all) of them lack what is takes to be an effective trainer, They lack basic exercise science knowledge, Rhythm, Business skills to grow and keep there clients.
It has lost its heart and center
Zumba has become a watered down, pseudo Hip Hop class, where all of the instructors have  paid to become an inducted member of the hip hop hall of fame. ZUMBA is LATIN!!!! And until you have taken it in South Florida from a latin Chica or Hombre, you MOST LIKELY haven’t taken a Zumba Class!
It becomes very obvious that there Zumba certification was more of a personal achievement or  a hobby rather than a opportunity to change lives through fitness, although the intentions were good. I have seen this happen many times within the walls of Detour, so I am speaking from experience, which Is why I don’t like to offer it within our brand. And if we do, we offer it with a twist! The Zumba franchise makes millions of off tapping into the emotions of it’s clients who have quickly seen results from the Zumba workout.
A better alternative, Detour’s DANCE FIT 360°. It combines classic, urban, sexy, old school and modern day dance moves with resistance training. We circuit dance with Pilates bands, weights and calisthenics.  We also combine some pole and sexy chair! It is fun, effective, challenging, and you will NOT plateau. You  will develop lean muscle while burning fat! Isn’t that what you want?
We have also incorporated the use of the Heart Rate Monitor so that you stay in the correct heart rate zone for your goal of either fat loss, staying lean or endurance training. The classes are small so you get that personal touch!
The class is offered on Wednesday nights at 5:30 PM, and are taught by yours truly!  So, get a membership or package and sign up today!  Here is a promo code for a free class: DANCEFIT360  See you Wednesday night!
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