New Year or New Life Resolution

Do Something Happy New Year to Everyone! It is that time of year when w all do the New Years Resolutions to to BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  Yes I said it, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! As a fitness Expert, it is my duty to challenge you beyond this Limited thinking. Many Of you know that I have a new addition to my life; I am a fairly new mother to and amazing 22 month old son, and it has been an INDESCRIBABLE CHALLENGE that I am still trying to get used to. I mean I had to, take him outside to get him tired enough  nap, so that I can steal away just type this post. I love it though… It is truly a labor of love. All mother out there know what I am talking about. And I am a better Health Advisor Because of it. Why? Because I now know just what you mean when you tell  me “I dont have time, I don’t have the energy, I don’t feel like myself anymore”!  Time keeps passing by, and before you know it, the baby is 5 and you haven’t run, walked, jogged are lifted a finger in 5 years. You’ve gained weight, lost tone, confidence, and energy.  You spend all of your money on New clothes, expensive hair do’s every week, getting your nails, lashes and what ever done to make up for these physical changes. You ask, where is the old me? I know she is still there, I just can’t connect with her. She feels so far away. Well I am here to tell you two things: The money that you spend trying to look like every Drag Queen in Hollywood, you should consider investing tin you health. In someone’s studio or gym, Preferably (FYI) no one walks aroung LA that made up all day..everyone is natural and beautiful.  I spent 10 years of my adult life there) Secondly, you CAN have that old and “authentic you” back, and experiance the confidence of embracing you natural youthful beauty and energy. And guess what! You can do it with me!  I know how you feel. As a trainer, everyone is amazed  that I can tell them, hey I own this gym, but I don’t and can’t work out as much as I used to and would like to. Between work and my son, it is almost impossible. But I am a winner, and I don’t let things defeat me. That is just part of my personality. So, I just made up my mind to figure it out. I do it when I can. I little goes along way. I have planned this come back for a year now. I went through a great transition with my business and personal life this year, so I had to be patient with myself and remain focused. People also make the comment that I look as though I am still in great shape. Hey, I may have lost the weight, but my butt is less round, I have slight pudge, I have less energy. I just don’t feel like the Bikini Model BEAST and Fitness Competitor that I used to be!  I look momish, but that is ok :)  But Now it is time to gradually chisel away it, until I have my beautifully sculpted body back, bursting with ENERGY! So, My question to you is this: ARE YOU RESOLVING A “HAPPY NEW YEAR” OR A “HAPPY NEW LIFE”? That is a very important question to answer! I respect life changes, rather than yearly changes. We are rolling out an amazing new workout called HEART BEAT 360°. It incorporates our full program from HIIT To Pole Fitness. It is only $20.16 to start up.  Check out our Website for more details and get out APP. It will change your life.  Along with an amazing product ISAGENIX. Ae have also, developed a PRO Pole Cirriculim for those ladies who are soley interested in getting fit or being competitive on the pole. I am also taking on 3 Personal Training Clients for the morning hours, as I have been on a tight waitlist! I will be writing you weekly to inspire you; NOT to motivate you. You are and adult…. you can motivate yourself!!!  I will also post a weekly 30 minute Heart 360° Workout that you can do with me!  I will be something  that yo can do at home, or in fitness facility, preferably! Thank you for you time, and hopefully you have been inspired! Please comment and share….   God Bless and let’s make it happen together, Jacinda DetourFitness Haines  

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