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Pole Fitness Classes

Hello Pole (Introductory Pole)

Learn the basic beginner spins, turns, twirls,climbs in this class. Also,learn the correct positioning and technique just in time for Intermediate Pole .This class is a great starter to get you on the right track to be a pole professional! Focus on building upper body strength and core strength.Wear short shorts or comfortable workout clothing. View Class Demo Here

Levels 1-3 Pole

Three 6 week private sessions of each level. 
Level One : Combos and Pre-Inverts
Level Two: Inverts
Level Three: Pole-petative Competion Level training  with Tricks. View Class Demo Here

Advanced Pole Tricks with Competition Training (40 tricks)

Levels 3-10   View Class Demo Here

Group Fitness Classes

MMA  Fusion

Upper cuts, jabs, hooks, round house kicks, and even floor wrestle with our Grapple bag! We fuse balance training, strength endurance and power training in this hot MMA circuit! I’m just sayin… View class Demo Here

Conditioning 360

This Class is designed for all of your fitness needs. It takes you through a full fitness revolution with 15 mins of warm up calisthenics cardio, 25 min Core and Upper Body sequence, and ends with 20 min Flexibility segment. This class is the foundation of it all and will optimize your body for your personal goals as well as help maximize your abilities in Pole, Aerial Yoga as well as our HIIT Classes!

De’lates Fusion (Cardio meets Pilates)

A marriage made in heaven. Detour wedded Pilates and created an offspring we called Dilates! Build a long, lean beautiful body from head to toe in our Pilates stations, Then transition to the MMA Lane, burning calories, and obtaining a boxers lean, cut build. Then let our amazing instructors direct you through the abs you need. I’m sorry, is there a better workout? Let us know… View Class Demo Here

De’Yoga  (Cardio meets Yoga)

This class is where Detour meets Yoga. We can’t resist the mix. Move through a vinyasa flow building core increasing flexibility, toning and increasing awareness. Shift to the next station of calorie melting MMA, releasing tension as you box your way to the next lane of intense Abs. Enough said.

Aerial Silks Basics

Aerial Yoga is the leading proprietorial method in the aerial yoga trend. Aerial Yoga Yoga provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without over-stressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae.The key to Aerial Yoga is the hammock, a swath of silky fabric that acts as your support system. Using the hammock, you learn to invert and hang suspended in the air. The hammock supports your hips for forward bends and backbends. It acts as your seat for any number of variations on the ab-tastic crunch. It can be looped around one foot as you stand on the other different for versions.
And it’s fun…so let’s fly! View Class Demo Here

Kula Yoga

This Yoga sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility and find focus. This Yoga Class is a challenging and dynamic Vinyasa series, meaning breath is linked to movement. You  will learn the fundamental CorePower Yoga postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. Set to music, this class will invigorate your entire body.

Zumba Fusion with Sexy Chair

Lose weight and tone with sexy Latin and Hip-Hop moves, combined with Sexy Chair to work that upper body! And YES… Our instructors have rhythm!!