Personal Training

Anti Plateau Personal Training

Our NASM Certified instructors treat your body like a canvas, designing the body you want, need and real.  We get down to the heart of the matter; iniatiating the training ONLY after we have discovered the REAL LIFE reasons that you want to so this. This way, we can remind you of the goal you had in mind when you contacted DETOUR!

Our Program designs are created specifically for you, over a quarterly period,  building core, strength, endurance and power as you lose weight and/or tone! When the session is over, you will be greeted with a warm or chilled eucalyptus towel to rejuvenate and send you on you way to a good night or a great day!

As an added bonus, you will receive an unlimited membership to Detour Fitness Studios for maintenance!

12 sessions – $540 ($45 per Session)

Consultation – $60


Private Pole or Aerial Sessions

  • 1 Hour Pole Session Spins Only – $55
  • 1 Hour Pole Session Trick and Inverts –$65
  • 1 Hour Pole, Chair, Floor work Routine – $85

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