Pro Pole & Aerial

Divine-proofs-68-of-68PRO POLE & AERIAL

  • HELLO POLE – Learn the basic beginner spins, turns, twirls,climbs in this class. Also,learn the correct positioning and technique just in time for Intermediate Pole .This class is a great starter to get you on the right track to be a pole professional! Focus on building upper body strength and core strength.Wear short shorts or comfortable workout clothingView Class Demo Here
  • INVERTS AND CLIMBS- The fun stuff!  Learn basic pole mounts and Inverts that set you up for hundreds of static tricks…NO More Spins!
  • TRICKED OUT –Now you are really a Pro! Learn beautiful Acrobatic moves on the pole. Move up side down, side ways and all around the pole, challenging your full body…you may as well compete!
  • COMBOS SPINS AND DOUBLES- Double or Triple up on  Spins, and Perform Tricks with a partner! This a challenging and fun class that you can tell all of you friends about!


  • THE TWERK-SHOP This workshop teaches you how to move your booty in more ways than one! Drop it, pop it, move it, bounce it,  all while toning your Glutes and having a blast!
  • POLE AND CHAIR DANCE (TGIF)-The sexy pole and chair workshop is designed for you to learn easy moves, accessible for everyone. No dance experience required! A full striptease and pole routine with clear step-by-step instructions, to a specific song. Basic dance moves and steps explained in detail by professional instructors. A workout to tone your muscles and look leaner. Lastly, confidence tips and tricks to help every woman feel great about her body!


  • AERIAL SILKS CONDITIONING- Aerial Yoga is the leading proprietorial method in the aerial yoga trend. Aerial Yoga Yoga provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without over-stressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae!  We  have developed and excellent cardio and conditioning class, that uses the basic of this workout to achieve  goals of weight-loss, toning, core strength and flexibility! View Class Demo Here